Résistante, confortable et design


Resistant, comfortable and design, the Nature Collection or how to put nature in decoration to live serenely in a space that promotes the light.
A collection combining new technology, high performance and the ancestral work of the fabric. Nature have a remarkable textile-like feel.
Soft and cosy atmospheres combines nostalgia of the past and contemporary charm. Bestseller of our new collection, it allows many applications for the most demanding public environments - office, hotel, store and restaurant. Combination of warp threads and fabric of the collection play ambient light through the prism of the perspective and the intensity of the light source providing a different perception of the colours of the PLYKO®.
Tile installation recommandation: Although the monolithic or staggered patterns can work for certain colours, we strongly recommend that you always opt for the checkerboard pattern (cf. p. 20) which ensures a significantly more attractive final result. If you would like a more uniform look, we suggest you use flooring rolls instead of tiles