Certifié CATAS


TelA PLYKO® flooring collection is woven with double wire weaving. The average density of the upper thread increases the opaque eff ect and technical performance. TelA is THE ideal Solution for installation indoors but also outdoors and offers high performance tensile strength and wear over time, certified and guaranteed by CATAS. TelA is the ideal tool for the design and architecture. TelA like all the PLYKO® series is the world’s first viny flooring class 34 produced with a phtalate-free plasticiser.

Tile installation recommandation: The TelA references were designed specifically for checkerboard installation (cf.  p. 20) meaning each tile is placed a quarter turn to the right of the adjacent tiles. 

You can opt for classic or english patterns, but when the tiles are all laid in the same direction, the result will accentuate the nonlinear frame effect, there are no visual effects (matt/shiny), the seams are more visible and the flooring does not look uniform.

PLYKO® does not offer any guarantees and will not accept complaints about the appearances in case of non checkerboard pattern installation. 

If you want a more uniform look, please use rolls instead of tiles.