PLYKO® woven floor covering was created in response to requests from some participants in the construction and decoration industries.

It is a fact that the technical characteristics of a woven PVC product provide a guarantee of toughness and a wide choice of colour and design. In the French market as well as the European market, the offer is unfortunately limited and doesn’t satisfy the demand. 

Customers, especially hotel groups, want to choose a 100% European product, so as to guarantee the origin of materials and their traceability. 

This is in the PLYKO® spirit - specialists in sustainable development. Our wish is for this ‘line’ not to be limited to floor coverings, it is our intention to grow the range across all possibilitie that future technical advances will offer us so as to make our offer very attractive.

Besides the intrinsic quality of the product, the necessary tests and standards have been carried out in order to offer assurance of standards-based quality.  PLYKO® woven floor covering is exclusive, welcoming and unique.  More than ever, PLYKO® offers the very best in compact woven vinyl flooring, thanks to its superb new collection, which guarantees an abundant choice of robust designs, all made for a long lasting use, according to your needs. 

Our floors have a typical textile feel, almost organic, but with all the advantages of vinyl. Specifically: resistance to wear, ease of handling, simple to install and maintain. 

PLYKO® offers you tomorrow’s floor: simple, technical, resistant, aesthetic, rich in colour and weave. PLYKO® is the perfect marriage between technology and the art of weaving. PLYKO® woven floor covering offer us a window on the future with an innovative product.

The woven vinyl flooring by PLYKO® is an exclusive product, with unique and unrivalled properties, and offers an unmatched quality, due to the complexity of its warp and weft design, and to the choice of the different types of vinyl yarns and their vulcanization, its wear layer benefiting from a PU treatment. It offers a maximum of functionality and comfort: anti-slip surface, thermal and acoustic insulation, efficient protection against static electricity, resistance to U.V. ... 

Only one reference

A collection conceived by PLYKO® to suit all floors, expressed around 5 themes, 5 current styles, suited to heavy traffic environments. All our collections got the classes of use 34 - heavy commercial use and 42 - light industrial use; the highest classes in the category of textile floors, that only PLYKO® holds to this day. 

PLYKO® floor coverings are available in rolls and in tiles.

Functional, aesthetic, imperishable, non-slip, easy to lay and maintain, the PLYKO® range has it all.


PLYKO® woven flooring offers an infinite array of colour and texture options, to create the richest, most original decorating styles and effects.
Warp and weft yarn combinations add quite a bit of character on the surface of the coating, offering a different perception of colours and patterns with ambient light according to its intensity and perspective.